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Why? Hakaru Plus

We 100% customize and respond by optimal design and manufacture for weighing and filling system.
With consideration of the condition of Customer's required specification, environment, and layout for powder and liquid materials used on customer side.

Powder material will be changed drastically under usage environment.

Procedure from inquiry to delivery

1. Test for powder materials

For confirming the characteristics of the raw materials,which Customer is planning to be automated, we will make the supply test by Test machine.
Based on the testing result, we will judge whether it can be automated or not under the condition of powder material's ability, precision, characteristics (dust, bridge, etc…)


2. Design (draft), Proposal

Following the Test result, by Hakaru Plus Design division, it will be discussed which system is available.Hakaru Plus Machine, Electric control, Data information (system) engineers will decide the concept quickly and propose.


3. Designing

Machine, Electrical control, Data information engineers will design with good teamwork.


4. Manufacturing

After the inspection of all parts, Hakaru Plus will sratrt assembly of the Machine.
Feature of Hakaru Plus; Hakaru Plus always manufactures the different type Machines.


5. Delivery・Installation, adjustment

After the adjustment in Hakaru Plus plant, the next step is packing and then shipping.
Arrived at the Custermer side, will make an installation, adjustment and the delivery should be completed.


Why Hakaru Plus is the specialist for Automated powder weighing.


Global Support

In addition to the support in Japan, Hakaru Plus has the overseas subsidiary China(Shanghai), Thailand (Samutprakarn). Pls. feel free, contact us about the support after delivery or consulitation of installation on the local site.

Pls. contact us of the consultation for Automated Weighing or Filling, Labor Saving and the construction of Traceability System, etc…
of Powder and Liquid materials.

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