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粉体用累積自動計量機 TSU-S4

The 4 feed units are arranged surrounding a platform scale, small footprint design, automated accumulation weighing machine.
Customized design to customer specifications available.
Most suited for customers who need automated accumulation weighing of multiple types of raw materials.

Reduced Labor

Automated accumulation
weighin that allows weighing
while working.


Customized parts such as
tank volume and feed units

High Precision

The inverter speed control
allows high-precision weighing
of +/- 2g.

Small Footprint Design

The arrangement of 4 feeders surrounding the platform scale
realizes a compact design.

Small Footprint Design


The feed units can be slid back.Allows maintenance work in a comfortable space setback from other devices.


Dust Prevention(Option)

A charging hood can be attached to keep the scattering of dust to a minimum when charging raw material.

Dust Prevention
Dust Prevention

Device Configuration

Device Configuration


Feeder Φ50 x 1 axle Tilted Screw Feeder
(with Agitator)x4
Storage Tank Volume 40L x 4
Weighing Unit Load Cell Platform Scale
(Rating 10kg/Minimum Scale Value 1g)
Weighing Precision +/- 2g (theoretical)
Controller Touch Panel, Weighing Setup Function
Power Source 200VAC 3Phase

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