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Powder Testing Service

Supporting the Streamlining of Factories with Weighing Systems

Powder tests will be conducted for the selection of the best-suited weighing unit for the customer's raw materials.
The automated weighing of powder raw materials for a wide range of business fields, such as medical/cosmetics, rubber products, chemical products, food industries, etc., has been promoted in our company.
Using such know-how and technologies, a powder test will be conducted for the implementation planning of the facilities best suited for customers considering automated weighing.

Powder Test

Confirmation of physical properties of powder

Adhesion, agglomeration, bulk specific gravity, etc., are checked.

Confirmation of possibility for charging raw material

Using a testing unit, the status of raw material charging will be conducted for the selection of the best-suited unit.

A report providing an overview of the actual machine that satisfies the required specifications of the customer based on the test results is issued.

"Pow-Tech Center" The facility for weighing tests at the Osaka Headquarters

All types of powder weighing test facilities are operated at our Osaka Headquarters.
For various physical properties of powders, testing units such as screw feeders, electromagnetic feeders, belt feeders, etc., are available. One of the facilities set up an air-conditioner, so a humidity can control.

Pow-Tech Center

Introduction of Facilities

Screw Feeder

The most versatile powder feeder.There are two screw types (Full Blade, Ribbon Type) available for testing.

Electromagnetic Feeder

Suitable for low adhesion raw materials such as granular powders, so the granular powder form will not be destroyed during feeding.

Belt Feeder

Belt Feeder

A feeding unit best suited for feeding raw materials with high adhesion properties such as fine particle powders.

The Flow for Powder Test

Application Form
Contact from our salesperson
Dispatch of customer's raw material to our company
Weighing Test
Submission of Test Results (data) and Report


JPY 60,000 (excluding tax)/up to two raw materials
Application Form

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