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Weighing System Planning

Supporting the Streamlining of Factories with Weighing Systems

From Receiving Raw Materials to Mixing and Shipping Lines for Production Sites, Takemoto Denki Offers Solutions for Automation and Labor Saving Essential for Quality Control.
Five Advantages of Takemoto Denki,SI Ability (System Integration):Prominent technology for finding solutions for customers,Planning Proposal Ability:Appropriate proposals based on 98 years of vibrant experience,Overseas Business Capabilities:Allocation of local staff in Shanghai and Vietnam,Engineering Ability:Trusted quality supported by continuous enthusiasm for manufacturing,Support Capabilities:Trusted support by our experienced engineers

Proposal of a factory system focused on weighing equipment

We develop factory systems focused on weighing equipment.
Our weighing systems have been adopted in a wide variety of business fields, such as medical products, cosmetics, chemical products, food industries, toners, rubber products, etc.
Consecutive proposals for engineering/manufacturing including everything from the customization of various types of machinery to the development/design of auto-control systems and off-line systems, as well as a computer system that supervises production record data.

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