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Laboratory Inventory Management System(LABREPO)

Features of LABREPO

Extremely comfortable inventory creation♪

The inventory work for “Today,” “This Week,” and “This Month” clearly understandable at a glance. All you need to do is count the number of new packages and weigh the fractions!

Swift parameter search of necessary information

Conduct a parameter search such as expiration and stock shortage in one action!

Swift startup!

The setup procedure is complete by simply uploading a set of raw material name data!
Swift startup of operation!

Exporting all the data

All the necessary data, such as warehousing history, inventory records, and inventory lists, can be exported in CSV format!

The Functions and Operation Flow of LABREPO
The setup procedure is complete by simply uploading a set of raw material name data under inventory management!
Swift startup of operation!
Management of expiration dates and order points possible.Automated indication in the periodic inventory creation list by registering the inventory cycle for each raw material.
All information, such as receiving history, inventory creation record, and inventory list, can be exported in CSV format.
A menu screen facilitates access to expiration dates and inventory shortages by just a touch.
Image information will be registered in addition to order points, inventory creation cycles, shelf numbers, etc.
A menu screen facilitates the selection of inventory creation lists by period.
Automated acquisition of weighing fractions through the connection between the terminal and the scale.
Operating Environment (Recommended Tablet Specifications)
OS Windows 8 Pro Main Memory More than 4 GB
Screen Resolution 1920×1200 CPU At least Intel Core i5
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0 Built-In Camera More than 1280×720 pixels
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