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Micro quantity powder filling machine TSU-SQ1

The TSU-SQ1 will provide a solution for such issues!

Mechanism of Micro Filling

Selection of hopper shape and rotary feeder vane suitable for the power property
Variable speed motor for controlling supply quantity
Reduced stabilizing time by highly responsive digital load cell


Further automation will be available in combination with the operation of multiple units or a conveyor.

Device Configuration



Feeding Unit □40 Rotary Feeder
Storage Tank Volume 500cc
Weighing Unit Digital Load Cell
(Rating 10kg/Minimum Scale Value 2mg)
Weighing Precision ±0.1g (Theoretical) *
Controller Touch Panel/Weighing Setup Function
Power Source 100 VAC Single Phase
* For powders with apparent specific gravity lower than 0.5 g/cc.
The value will vary depending on the status of the powder (adhesiveness, liquidity, etc.).
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