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Mobile manual measurement management systemTMSP

Three effects resulting from introduction

Prevention of errors in material selection

Prevention of errors in material selection

The TMS-P determines whether a material to be measured is correct by reading the barcode of the material. If correct, the screen to direct measurement value is displayed. If incorrect, the error screen is displayed with beeps.


Prevention of measurement errors

In the case of “Insufficient” and “Over,” the operator cannot proceed to the next step. If he/she tries to proceed by pressing any button, the system starts beeping, which prevents measurement errors and reduces disposal loss.


Digitalization of measurement records

Measurement records recorded on paper manually are automatically digitalized. This enables confirming and collecting data in terms of measurement results, results by material and results by composition.

Three features

Anyone can operate it as it displays material storage places and work instructions in the form of guidance on the tablet.

An interlock function is implemented to prevent the operator from proceeding to the next step if a measurement value is not within the preset range, which prevents measurement errors and reduces disposal loss.

As the system can be moved to a material by its cordless carriage for measurement, the material can be quickly and efficiently measured.

Furthermore, the system can work for about 18 hours on a four-hour charge!


Measurement flow



Front view & top view


Table dimension 1050 * 600
800 * 600(when an auxiliary table is folded)
Platform scale Capacity: 15 kg Display: 5 g
Material Carriage: Stainless steel
Platform scale and top panel: Stainless steel
Option Dust collection hood/barcode reader
Continuous operation time Platform scale: Approx. 200 hours (with 4 AA batteries)
Tablet: Approx. 18 hours (Charge time: Approx. 4 hours)
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