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The TSU - High-Mix Low-Volume Weighing Machine is an automated weighing machine with the weighing range that can handle a minimum of 20 g to a maximum of 20 types of raw materials.
Implemented by various industries such as the toner, chemical, food, battery, and rubber industry because of its flexibility of use for any type of powder.

Solutions are provided for these issues!

There are too many raw materials to weigh…

Handles from 1 type, 5 types, 10 types, up to 20 types. A layout with a flexible tank size is also available.

The surrounding equipment becomes dusty…

The dust-collecting hood and the complete cover are designed to prevent the scattering of dust.

The weighing of both large and small quantities is required…

The large + small size feeders will handle any job with flexibility.If the flexibility of handling is still insufficient, there are other countermeasures such as the adoption of two types of feeders. An architecture adapted for the physical property of various powders, performance, and precision is available.

Bridge, agglomeration, lightweight,Various raw material problems...

The feeder will be selected in accordance with the physical properties of various powders such as easy to bridge, easy to agglomerate and too light in specific gravity, etc. Some examples are, screw feeders, table feeders, vibration feeders, and auger feeders.

Examples of Implementation

Zero weighing mistakes through automation.
The reduction of workload for operators!

The measuring of drugs was conducted by an operator each time using a platform scale.
The workload for operators was reduced through automation.
A bad dusty work environment for the operator.
The work environment has been improved through the reduction of dust.
The incorrect raw material was used.
The incorrect use of raw material has been eliminated through automation.
The management of records was conducted only on paper.
The record data are sent to an upstream PC for management.

Secured Safety and Hygiene of Work Environment
through automation!

The handling of harmful material was a burden on operators.
The frequency of handling harmful materials was reduced through automation.
Used to be a very bad work environment for operators due to the scattered dust.
Improved the work environment through the collection of scattering dust within the equipment.
Incorrect use of raw material occurred.
The incorrect use of raw material has been eliminated through automation.
The record data were written on a paper recording form.
The record data are sent to an upstream PC for management.

Specifications (General)

Specifications (Example) Tank Volume 40L
Minimum Indication φ30 two screw feeders (with gitator)
Static Load Precision Load Cell Platform Scale (Rating 5 kg/minimum scale indication 0.002 kg)
Weighing Performance T50g/30s
Minimum Indication φ30 two screw feeders (with agitator)
Range of Use 20 g to 5 kg
Storage Hopper Volume 50L
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