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Journey of Weighing by Hakaru Plus

Hakaru Plus has been supplying a variety of product groups focusing on weighing systems for a wide range of industries and fields under the policy of “To manufacture useful products for society” from its establishment until today. Hakaru Plus has been and will continue to provide the future of weighing systems.


Developed the differential transformer used as a weight detection sensor for the first time in Japan.

Differential Transformer
Differential Transformer

Used for recording the continuous conveying quantity of coal for coal mines/steel plants. The successful development of differential transformer and data recording was a trigger for going into the field of weighing control later as a result of having attracted the attention of the Construction Ministry and Construction Industry to adopt it for the quality control of fresh concrete.


Requested by the Power Resources Development Agency , completed the recorder for fresh concrete, and started delivery to the construction sites of a dam and Aichiyosui River, etc.


Receiving multiple measured signals of cement, etc., converted to an electrical signal using a differential transformer, analog recording was conducted using one recorder.
Multiple movable sensor elements and pens equivalent to the number of measuring devices were arranged side by side in a recorder.


The digital printing recorder was developed for the first time in Japan to improve the reliability of measuring precision.

Digital Printer Type Recorder
Digital Printer Type Recorder

The measured values were received through a photo electric binary coding plate (later a brush contact printed board) attached to the measuring device, and an adder and a typewriter was used as a printer. The adopted system had solenoid coils attached to the keyboard of the printer to drive a key based on the electrical signal, and a semiconductor circuit was used in combination.


Successfully developed a punch card-type weight setting controller and realized remote control for the first time in Japan.

Punch Card Type Weight Setting Controller
Punch Card Type Weight Setting Controller

Achieved perfect automation in the material mixing field by implementing a new type of control panel adopting a punch card for the setup of measuring values, a dual pointer indicator driven by a servo motor as an indicator, and a comparator for setup control, for the first time in Japan.


Authorized for manufacturing of scales, started manufacturing of electrical scales, and plant scales.

Weighing machine/Load cell detection
Weighing machine/Load cell detection

The start of the manufacturing of weighing units enabled the integrated production of measuring machines and control panels. A potentiometer was used for the detection of weight; later the adoption of a load cell contributed to the stability of quality with increased measuring precision.


Contribution to the automation of factory lines by delivering weighing equipment and controlling equipment in various industrial factories.

Adoption of IC Circuit/Weighing Control Panel

The prompt adoption of IC logic circuit, pin boards, and digital switches for weight setting, and LEDs for indicators enabled the digitization of the controller. Started the full-scale delivery of automated weighing systems for the flour milling, feed, glass, and chemical industries.


Attracted the attention of industries with the first development of microcomputer control and color CRT display controller in Japan.

Adoption of Microcomputer
Weighing Control Panel
Adoption of Microcomputer

Color CRT/ Weighing Control Panel
Color CRT/ Weighing Control Panel

Developed the LSI board in house, completed the highly functional controller, and realized the enhanced level of the control system. Produced the manufacturing management unit and shipping management unit and realized networking and systematization between the management computer and the controller.


Received the Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency Award for the development and cultivation of the shipping management unit for fresh concrete and the achievement of the promotion of science and technology.

The number of shipping management units delivered to fresh concrete factories exceeds 3,000.


Completed High-Mix Low-Volume weighing machine and opened the way for micro quantity powder weighing/handling.

High-Mix Low-Volume Weighing Unit
High-Mix Low-Volume Weighing Unit

Thanks to the development of this unit, the automated handling of micro quantities of raw materials and reduced dust problems were realized, and improved quality control and an improved factory environment were achieved.
Acquired a utility model patent on the verified technology and creativeness of the unit.


Responded to requests for the systemization of data management in the manual weighing work field.

Manual Weighing Management Network
Manual Weighing Management Network

Started engineering and manufacturing of guidance terminals in response to the requirement for integrated management of work records and the reduction of re-manufacturing due to working mistakes for manual operation by workers in pharmaceutical and rubber factories, etc.


Responded to requests from the market to promote the improvement and systemization of manual weighing management units.

Defective products due to working mistakes were unavoidable in a factory where a worker was weighing a small quantity of raw materials, such as food, pharmaceutical, rubber, and chemical factories. Enhanced quality control was realized while reducing wasteful costs, such as the disposal of material.

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