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Toner Industry [System Planning]

Toner Raw Material Mixing and Weighing System

  • Raw material mixing and weighing system
  • External additive mixing and weighing system

In the toner industry, toners are forced to change to fit aggressively-developed new copy machine models. The increased variety of mixed raw materials is making it difficult to feed the powders.
Our company has been promptly developing weighing systems suitable for such conditions. The conventional “One mixer - One weighing system” complicated the cost, space, and material management; however, the “Multiple mixers - One concentrated weighing system” realizes a fully functional weighing system.

If you have any issues with the weighing of the raw materials noted below, please do not hesitate to contact us using the inquiry form. Also feel free to contact us about materials other than those listed!

Resins, pigments, titanium, silica, magnetic powders, toners
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