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Lifter Type Throw-In Checker

Our Throw-In Checker will provide a solution for these issues!

Features of Throw-In Checker

1.Compact and Space-Saving

2.Weighing Record Management

3.Prevention of Weighing Mistakes

Operation Flow

1.Place a container on the lifter for throw-in.

2.Select a raw material using the operation panel.

3.Weigh the raw material.The lifter will be elevated as soon as weighing is complete.

4.An arm will hold the container, turn it around and turn it over to throw raw material into the tank.

Dust Collecting Hood(Option)

A "Dust Collecting Hood" can be added for minimizing the scattering of dust from throw-in raw material.

Dust Collecting Hood
Device Configuration
Device Configuration
Weight to Turn Over MAX.20kg
Lifting Height 500mm~1500mm
Lifting Speed Up: 10seconds
Down: 10seconds
Turning Angle 90°~270°
Load Cell Platform Scale Rating 20kg
Minimum Scale Value 10g
Option Roller Conveyor
Dust Collecting Hood
Front View, Plan View (Unit: mm)
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